c e n t r i f u g e
carmen sampled

CENTRIFUGE: CARMEN SAMPLED is a collaboration between the pioneering multimedia artist Robin Storey and choreographer/dancer Johanna Devi. Stripping back the layers of narrative accumulated around the figure of Carmen, they explore the elemental forces that constitute her. Not set in any particular time or place, CENTRIFUGE attempts to capture Carmen’s enduring themes. The artists improvise around anchoring concepts, spinning out from the ‘original’ story, one that is already itself a constellation of influences, works, adaptations and translations. Using sampling as the key technique, the piece draws on its many predecessors and turns the anxiety of influence into inspiration.

During his prolific career spanning almost 30 years, Robin Storey’s innovative and influential music has garnered worldwide recognition: first as a founding member of the groundbreaking experimental collective, Zoviet France, and latterly as the solo musician and multimedia artist Rapoon. Robin is also a painter, printmaker and graphic artist and has exhibited widely and internationally, including in the former USSR and USA. He has also created sound design loop libraries for Sony Media.

Johanna Devi is a dancer and choreographer who draws on the vocabularies of contemporary, ballet and Bharatanatyam dance. She trained in India, Germany and at the Alvin Ailey School of American Dance Theatre, New York City. She has performed both as a soloist and with various companies throughout Europe, UK, and Canada. She was the recipient of a Dezentrale Kulturarbeit Berlin Schöneberg-Tempelhof award and presented her solo work ‘5’ in 2009. In the same year, she travelled to Iraq for the production ‘Frauen Hammam’. In 2010, she performed as a soloist in Munich, Norway, Belgium and Cuba and toured with the Sadhana Dance Company in the UK.

CENTRIFUGE was first conceived by Mi Zhou, a Mellon Research Fellow at UCL. She is interested in the ways in which the story of Carmen has endured and transformed through the years, and hopes to find new ways of sharing her academic passions. As a fan of both Robin Storey and Johanna Devi’s work, she brought them together in an attempt to explore the questions of inter-cultural and inter-medial adaptation and translation through artistic performance.

Take a look at the rough cut and rehearsal photos. Official trailer now here!